Choose Binoculars for Hunting

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Choose Binoculars for Hunting

If you enjoy hunting, it is important that you know how to find the best binoculars for hunting. There are a few key points that you should look at when learning how to buy binoculars for hunting.

1.Field of View:

The field of view is the range of area you will see around the object you are directing the binoculars towards. Binoculars with a greater field of view will allow you to see a greater area to either side of your focus point. You'll want a greater field of view if your binocular use requires that you see a greater range of the distance.


Size is another deciding factor of binoculars, and how to buy the right ones for you. Some people are just looking for a binocular to stuff into their pocket in case they need it, so they will want a small unit. Others will be expecting to use their binoculars often so they will want a higher quality image which will result in a bigger unit. Some people will be leaving their binoculars on a tripod or using them on their porch or leaving them in their car, so they might be able to get by with yet an even larger unit.

Getting binoculars that are waterproof is especially important if you could be hunting in rain or if you are planning to take them in a canoe. It is a good idea to get waterproof binoculars as you may find yourself caught in rain unexpectedly while in the middle of looking at something great through your binoculars.
4.Objective Lenses:

Objective Lenses are the responsible for the amount of light that the binoculars gather, which will determine the brightness and clarity of the image. This is also the first lens which the image must go though, so quality of the objective lens will determine the overall image quite a bit as well and can be substituted for size in order to keep overall binocular size to a minimum while maintaining a clear view. Objective lenses are measured in millimeters (mm).

5.Objective Lenses:

Most compact and mid-size binoculars have objective lenses in the 25mm to 36mm size range. Full size binoculars have objective lens sizes ranging from 40mm to 56mm on average. The size of your objective lens will determine many factors in the performance of your binoculars. The smaller the objective lens the lower your field of view will be. This might not be important if all you need to see is several yards through thick brush or trees. In open areas, smaller fields of view can be the difference between seeing a few animals in a herd, and the whole herd. The size of your objective lens also has a direct impact on the light gathering capabilities of your binoculars as well.


This is something you'll have to determine based on what you're going to do with them, what the chances are that they'll get lost, and how often you'll use them.

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