How to stay warm while camping?

How to stay warm while camping? -

How to stay warm while camping?

Camping in cold weather should be a fun experience. But when camping in cold weather, the number one priority is staying warm. How to stay warm while camping? Follow these easy tips:

How to stay warm while camping?

1. Choose the Correct Clothing

Proper clothing is the biggest key. Without the proper clothing the camping experience can be extremely poor or even life-threatening. Remember carry solid long pants, long-sleeved shirt, a sweater or sweatshirt. The clothing you pick should not be made out of cotton, because once cotton gets wet it loses all of it warming properties.

2. Choose Waterproof Non-slip Shoes

To the greatest extent possible, have spares of everything, especially shoes. Warmth is obviously a major concern, one misstep can get you wet feet for days, and that is incredibly dangerous. So choose waterproof non-slip shoes to ensure stay warm.

3. Choose the Right Tent

When it comes to your tent, depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to get by with a three season tent, four season tent will be your best choice.In addition the tent should be waterproof, the inside of the tent should be kept warm with warmers.

4. Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

Choose the right sleeping bag for you. Besides the different shapes and thicknesses, you can also find sleeping bags that cater to men and women. There is a difference in the way male and female bodies stay warm. Mummy sleeping bag can provides more warmth for cold conditions and is more compact/lighter when packed.

5. Learning to Light a Fire

The most important thing about learning to light a fire in the backcountry in the winter is to practice at home first. Doing it in your backyard in the cold will give you not only an idea of how difficult it may be but it will also teach you what you need to do and be prepared for once you are far from the comfort of your own home.

6. Eat a lot Food

Camping in winter, it's important to remember that you need to take a lot of food. Your body will burn tons of calories just trying to keep warm, so pack more food than you think you'll need.

7. Drink Something Hot

Another way to keep yourself warm and enjoy is to drink something hot. if you like to drink alcohol, go for strong Rum and it's quite handy. You can have soup, tea, coffee or whatever hot beverage available out there.

How to stay warm while camping?

That's the best way to stay warm while camping. If you want to learn more about camping tips, there you can contact us and we can help.

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