What does 30x60 binoculars mean?

What does 30x60 binoculars mean -

What does 30x60 binoculars mean?

When we speak about the characteristic of binocular 30x60 we mean the combination of two different features.

30*60 binoculars

The 1st number, “30”, is the magnification. 30x means objects look 30x larger/closer.

The 2nd number, “60”, is the diameter, in mm, of the objective lenses (large lenses facing away from you). 60mm is slightly larger than typical all-purpose binoculars (50mm), yet smaller than specialty astronomical binos (70–80mm) or giant binos (100mm).

This particular combination of 30x60 sounds like a niche product for enthusiasts, e.g. astronomers, and perhaps dedicated field observers who expect to set up a stationary platform. 30x is unusually high magnification for everyday use, but is well-known in astronomy (although even there it’s uncommon to actually see a pair in use). Mechanically, it’s simply a standard binocular body with a pair of exceptionally strong eyepieces, e.g. 3mm focal length instead of the usual 10mm. (Corollary: You could soup up any standard 10x50 binocular to 30x50 or more by replacing its eyepieces. Some vendors offer this as a service; of course, it costs about as much as simply buying a brand-new 30x70.)

30x power almost surely means you cannot stabilize these binoculars by hand alone, so it’s meant to be mounted on a tripod (and preferably on a binocular parallelogram mount upon a tripod), not hand-carried. It’s also possible that these are image-stabilized binoculars, which uses accelerometers to sense motion and hand jitter, and mechanically deflects a crystal in the light path to counteract most (not all) of that motion. Press that big button on top to turn on the bulky stabilization electronics, and you can hand-hold binos in a moving jeep and still read street signs at 10x power, split tight double stars, or track a sparrow chasing a hawk.

In a word, 30x60 binoculars refers to the fact that the binoculars have a seemingly magnification of 30 and that the front lenses diameters are 60mm approximately 2.36″ reasonably powerful in the magnification stakes requiring quite a steady hand.

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