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Brand Story: What’s the Letcase brand is?

Brand Story: What’s the Letcase brand is?

Life seems to be pressed the cycle key, you’ll encounter new bitterness every day. The existence of mixed bitterness, in this way, you can live your own colorful life. Life is like this, not as good as poetry, a little bit blue, but also a little more interesting.

The key point is how to be your own Harry Potter in your life to make your life full of magic.

Letcase find a good way to make your life full of magic, you will find that through something can amuse yourself or your family, friends. Imagine the smile on their face, Do you feel happier? Did the trouble just disappear when you see their smile?

Brand Story: What’s the Letcase brand is?

The founder of Letcase is a couple. They met in college. Since they were in college, they have discovered that life will encounter many difficulties one after another:
1. They worried about graduation thesis and not being able to graduate successfully
2. They didn't know which city to choose to work
3. They worry about their pay can’t affordable their expense
4. They worry about that they can’t cope with complex workplace relationships
5. They have to consider so much about promotion and salary increase
6. They worried about the call from their parents, because they didn’t want to hear the quarrel between their parents any more, they just have less energy to handle other things
7. They also concern about the growth of their younger brother or sister
8. They have to think about rent
9. They have to think about what food to eat by themselves
10. They have to consider how to end quarrel between themselves to maintain relationship
11. They need to earn money to pay their house debt
12. They need to earn money to pay their car mortgage
13. They have to maintain relationship with friends , family, and relatives and son on
14. They have to make decisions by themselves
15. They have to face COVID-19 disease

They have to do a lot of things, even though they don’t want to.

There are endless problems in life,they’d been angry and depressed and anxious and complained, Then, they ‘d entangled with quarrel,argue,cold war again and again.

Later, his wife was tired of this life, and she decided to find a way to ease the current situation.

Fortunately, his wife found a way to transfer her attention, that is, she begins to further study cooking.

She bought different kitchenware and molds online. For example: kitchen knife set, vegetable slicer, cake mold, DIY mold, etc. Then she is devoting himself to learn recipes and learned variety of dishes.

She found that she didn't have to worry about trouble when she was cooking. She could spare her mind and focus on the appearance, shape, collocation, taste and decoration of the dishes. In this way, she found that anxiety and unhappiness are gradually disappeared magically.

Another magic is his husband starts to love cooking too. they love cook different style food. She just wants to calm myself down, but unexpected surprise. Fancy meals make her closer to her husband. Maybe her husband has been influenced by her devotion and enthusiasm for cooking.

In term of cooking, they can talk a lot about it. They can discuss what food to make today, what materials to use, how to decorate it to make it look good, what plates and tableware to buy, what tablecloths and red wine to buy, etc., on weekends, they go shopping together to buy food ingredients and cook. Finally, they enjoy dinner made by themselves. The sense of participation has been enhanced, the sense of interaction has also been increased , so the relationship between them naturally becomes better. So, it ’s really amazing, cooking is a kind of magic, making the home more cozy and interesting.

Of course, you need the support of kitchen utensils to prepare a perfect meal. Among them, the chef’s knife is the most commonly used kitchen utensil, because it can cut the ingredients to the shape you want. And you can use it to decorate the dishes. Think of your friend's surprised look when they see such good-looking food. At the same time, in order to get original taste, you also need a sharp knife to ensure that the ingredients are not destroyed when cut it. a sharp knife is extremely important to maintain the original taste of food.

Therefore, we hope there are more couples and families to be more united and closer because of three meals a day.

Letcase will do their best to help you discover, save, and buy awesome kitchen knives.

As we all know, the knives are mainly divided into German knives and Japanese knives, you can refer to this article (What’s the difference between Japanese knife and German knife?) to know their difference.

Letcase draws on Japanese techniques. They focus on find high-quality steel from various country like Germany, Japan, and elsewhere, and then manufacture it in our own factory. Their kitchen knives are popular with it’s high quality, good-looking and affordable price.

The kitchen is the hub of the family. It not only meets the needs of our three meals a day, but also is a place full of memories. This kind of memory may be the scene your mother's doing favorite dish for you when you were young, maybe the scene your lover’s doing tasty dishes waiting for you back home. As the saying goes, if you want to catch a person's heart, you must grasp his stomach first.

So we hope these kitchen knives can let your kitchen life be amazing, then provide more mouthwatering food for your family and friends!

I believe what you want is not just a kitchen gadgets
When you decide to buy kitchen knives at LETCASE
More you want is to share the love of life
Want an opportunity
To share love with family and friends.
let your kitchen full of magic to make your table glamourous.
I hope you’ll love this brand: Letcase.

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