User Guide

Safe Guide:

1. Be careful about cutting foods, don't toward the tip of a kitchen knife to the body. Take your time and work slowly and steadily.
2. After use, store knives in a wooden block or in a drawer and place it in a safe place. Don’t leave your knives lying around. Make sure the knives are out of the reach of children.
3. Don't play around with a knife.

Use Guide:

1. High-quality knife is extremely sharp, please pay attention to the knife when using it.
2. After use, please wash it with warm water plus neutral cleaning fluid, and wipe it with a soft cloth to make it dry.
3. Avoid cutting acidic food as much as possible (if necessary. Please clean and dry immediately after cutting).
4. Do not use the knife surface to pat or cut food with bones as it may damage the knife.
5. It is not advisable to cut the totally frozen ingredients or hard food, frozen food should be thawed in advance and then slice it.
6. Never soak knives that have wooden handles, for any extended period of time. The water will cause the handle to swell and in the process destroy your knife. Instead hand wash them and rub mineral oil on the handle to preserve its shining finish.