Folding Picnic Blanket Waterproof

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1. Strong construction with soft polar fleece fabric surface
2. Super waterproof aluminium foil underside and high-quality cotton in the middle
3. Wrapped with nylon on all sides to prevent being ripped and for great durability
4. Unfold measures 2*1.5m / 78.74* 59.06 inches. But be able to fold down to small size approx 34*25*17cm / 13.39*9.84*6.69inches
5. Velcro design for great package, transport and portability
6. Soft surface to protect skins, waterproof cushioned backing to prevent from getting wet and provides great comfortableness
7. Adapts high technology to combine soft polar fleece fabric, cotton and aluminium foil
8. Will not fade or shedding
9. Super water-resistance, wear-resistance, heat insulation and moisture-resistance

Folding Size: 34*25*17cm / 13.39*9.84*6.69inches (approx)
Unfolding Size: 2*1.5m /
Color and pattern: gray+blue lattice, green+gray leaves, red lattice, multi color flower, red+blue+white stripes

Package Includes:
1 x picnic mat