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japanese cooking knife set
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Japanese Cooking Knife Set, 5 Pieces High Carbon Steel Knife Set - Letcase
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japanese cooking knife set, 5 pcs

Japanese Cooking Knife Set, Professional High Carbon Steel Knife Set

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Japanese Cooking Knife Set
  • Full tang and precision-forged from a single piece of ice tempered, high-carbon, Japanese 7cr17 steel at 58+ Rockwell hardness.
  • Edge is painstakingly honed by experts craftsman to 13-15degand nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness, flexibility and corrosion resistance.
  • Black Spanish pakkawood handle is hand polished and laminated to ensure a heaven-like grip with exceptional durability, the traditional Japanese D-shaped handle is expertly engineered to tuck perfectly into the palm of your hand for ultimate control.
Japanese Cooking Knife Set 5PCS
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Japanese Cooking Knife Set, 5" Utility Knife5 Pieces High Carbon Steel Knife Set
Japanese Cooking Knife Set, Size


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No matter how strong the knife, over time all blades will dull. A sharp knife is always safer as providing “non-slippery” cutting performance, and also keeps it fun to cook with. We won’t let you get stuck. If your knife goes dull, we’ll make it sharp. Simple as it is.


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