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Kitchen Knife Sets

The kitchen knife set comes with all you need for cooking, cutting & food preparation. With a professional Japanese knife set, you can take your cooking game to the next level.

In terms of a kitchen knife set, it may house some or all of the following kitchen gadgets:

  • Versatile kitchen prep knives, like chef's knives, Santoku, Gyuto, and utility knives.
  • Meat cleaver used for chopping bones.
  • Small knives for precision tasks like paring knives.
  • Kitchen scissors for trimming herbs or meats and cut through tough meats and shellfish.
  • Vegetable knives like Nakiri.
  • Specialty knives such as fillet knives, boning knives, bread knives.
  • A matching set of four to six steak knives for cutting steaks.
  • A steel honing rod or knife sharpener or whetstone to keep your blades sharp after repeated use.
  • Knife accessories like knife bag, knife block, magnet knife holder to keep your kitchen knives organized and safely stored.

With Letcase, you can rely on its quality, features high carbon stainless steel blades, offers a Rockwell hardness over 56, the highest can reach up to 62 HRC, and features comfortable ergonomic knife handles.

How to Choose The Right Knife Set for Your Needs

Knife Sets for Beginners and Occasional Chefs

If you are a cooking beginner or just prepare a few quick meals in daily life, a knife set of 2 or 3 is sufficient for you to handle almost all the work in the kitchen.
It can include a chef knife, a meat slicing knife, plus a paring knife.

Complete Kitchen Knife Set for Cooking Lovers and Pro Chefs

For cooking enthusiasts and pro chefs, a Japanese knife set is part of the basic equipment for cooking. The more often you cook, the more needs on the knives and their quality. You need the right knives for specific tasks efficiently. Letcase offers these useful sets at a great value, you can choose a different set of knives contains different numbers of knives.

Japanese Chef Knife Set for Apprentice

A professional kitchen knife set with the case is essential for apprentice chefs-in-training. Because the handy roll-up case can make users transport knife kits from class to class easily and keep knives organized in it. The more types of knives, the better.

Letcase has stainless steel knife set, Damascus kitchen knife set, Japanese knife block set, and a variety of knife accessories available.
Find the right one for yourself.

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