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Chinese Cleaver

Compared with the western cleaver, which is primarily for processing meat, Chinese cleavers and Japanese Chinese cleavers are much more versatile general-purpose kitchen knives.

The best Chinese cleaver usually comes with a large rectangular blade and compact, stable handles.

It is its tall blade enables it to be safely guided with the knuckles of your free hand when 'pull cut’, ‘push cut’, or ‘tap cut’, Therefore, large, hard fruit and vegetables, such as cabbages and watermelons, can be slice easily and safely. In addition, the heavy blade can handle cleaving bone-in proteins without damaging the knife. the spine and the flat blade can be used to crush products such as garlic; The wide blade can be used to scoop up large volumes of food items; the heel corner of the Cleaver can be used to remove blemishes from foods. So, you know why it is versatile, right?

Types of the Chinese cleaver

The Chinese cleaver is available in various blade thicknesses and weights: the thinner and lighter one is suitable for fine cutting; while the heavy Chinese cleaver is suitable for medium-duty butcheries, such as breaking down chickens, lamb ribs. and the medium-weight blades are a compromise between the two extremes.

In another hand, when it comes to blade material, it could be sort into carbon steel Chinese cleaver and VG10 Chinese cleaver.

Normally, a large Chinese cleaver is a hand-made Chinese cleaver to ensure perfect cutting performance. The unique quality and its versatility make Chinese cleaver popular in the world.

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