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Nakiri Knives

Nakiris are characterized by their refined cutting edge, double-beveled design, thin blade, flat profiles, and squared-off tips.

The looking of Nakiri knife looks similar to a mini-sized Chinese cleaver, but it is thinner and lightweight, unsuitable for heavy-duty chopping. It is a useful knife for home cooks to quickly and efficiently chop, slice, and mince vegetables and fruits without splitting or cracking relatively hard vegetables. Thus it is also called a vegetable knife, becoming popular among vegetarians, especially in Japan.

How to use Japanese Nakiri?

The special design of Nakiri makes it good for push/pull cutting and chopping rather than rock cutting. The thin cutting edge benefit for precision slicing. In addition, the flat edge of the knife can touch the cutting board directly, the added weight of the blade can let you make silky clean cuts easily.

Nakiri VS Usuba

Usuba is also specifically designed for working with vegetables but always features a single-beveled edge. And it has a thicker and heavier blade than the Nakiri.

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