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Best high end kitchen knife | Letcase

Best high end kitchen knife

In terms of best high-end kitchen knife, we’re happy to introduce Letcase Damascus steel kitchen knife with vivid stabilized wood handle for you. I...
Best Hand-forged Cleaver Butcher Knife Review | Letcase

Best Hand-forged Cleaver Butcher Knife Review

With the development of technology and craftsmanship, there are fewer and fewer kitchen knives made by the traditional methods -hand-forged. Today ...
What is the best steel for kitchen knife making? | Letcase

What is the best steel for kitchen knife making?

When you choose a kitchen knife, you know knife blade is an important factor to be considered. however, you may not know how the knife blade materi...

We love cooking. We love design and craftsmanship.
The most important, we love bringing a feeling of pure satisfaction and achivement to chefs around the world who use our tools day in and day out.

Customer Reviews

Works great, looks better. I like to cater and looks are very important, not only how the food is presented but on what, and with what utensils. 

Lan B.

The overall quality is magnificent. The handle design is superb and the weight of each knife tells you that you are using a great chef's knife.

Jacob K Dealy

I cant say enough about these knives. These are amazing knives the weight is great, excellent grips, and they are very sharp.

Skylar houghton

I got this for my brother for Christmas and it is seriously the coolest knife. And it's made from great material. I cant wait for him to open it!

Randy Davis

Extremely solid and sharp. Has quickly become the favorite knife in the kitchen. Will be ordering the set in the future.

Onur Tas

This knife is super sharp and looks like those knife that costs $100+++! it came with a nice gift box and the size of this knife is just right for daily cutting use.


I'm really happy with the order quality so great and colors looks awesome I can use them for any event or any outdoor party to prepare dinner or lunch.

Valerie Allison

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