Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set
Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set

Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set

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Almost three years ago, we set out to create a high-end knife for the aspiring home chef - to craft a kitchen knife that's proven to outperform the competition. Once you experience an excellent knife, you will never think about cooking the same way again.

Each Letcase Knife is hand-crafted with care and forged from the most durable, long-lasting materials. Whether you're an expert chef or a cooking lover, the Letcase Knife will get the job done.

Our knives feature a 67 layer Damascus Steel Blade. This is 66 layers of SUS410 Japanese Stainless Steel, 33 on each side, protecting an AUS-10 super strength cutting core.


This combination of materials produces a knife blade with a breathtaking performance characteristics, delivering supreme sharpness and class leading edge retention.


The blade is very strong and stable. The sharp edges of the razor can be used for months. With excellent sharpness, you can easily cut meat and vegetable.

The handle design will create a comfortable grip and provide the best level of cutting everything. When you see them for the first time, the luxuriously decorated plum nails will appeal to you.
Simply put, our knives make cooking easy and effortless. But there’s a ton of complex, behind-the-scenes science that’s forged into every knife, from handle to spine to tip.

Letcase mission is to create the world’s best blades. Our knives meet the highest standards for six factors: cutting ability, edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, balance and ergonomics.

For too long, chef’s knives have been sold through expensive stores at hugely inflated prices.

We set out to create Letcase, a knife brand that is beautiful in design and available to everyone at a fair and affordable price.

You wont find our knives in retail stores.

Because we only sell online we have no shops or retail staff, no sales agents, no distributors to pay and no pricey exhibitions to attend. We pass these savings direct on to you, meaning you can buy great quality heirloom knives at a fraction of the high street price.


All Letcase Knife are beautifully packaged in a decorative gift box.

Letcase knife set was made in extremely limited quantities and sold out in no time. We've spent the past three years searching the globe for a way to bring this unique, one-of-a-kind knife set back, without sacrificing an ounce of quality or craftsmanship.

Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife Set


  • 8-inch chef knife - modern chef knife, is a multi-functional device that can perform many different kitchen tasks
  • 7-inch cutter A - refers to a variety of cutting tasks with good tool performance: slicing, chopping and cutting
  • 7-inch cutting knife B - The blade is heavy and suitable for chopping bones and cutting cooked food. The blade face is wide.
  • 6-inch boning knife - used in slaughter to cut off bones and bones, cut cartilage, short blade, hard texture and also used to cut meat.
  • 5-inch utility knife - daily multi-function, smaller and lighter than the chef's knife, but larger than the paring knife
  • 3.5-inch paring knife - This is a straight-edge multi-function knife that has many uses. Due to its size, the paring knife is a good tool for any food that requires attention to detail.


Guarantee of Quality
No matter how strong of the knife, over time all blades will dull. A sharp knife is always safer as providing “non-slippery” cutting performance, and also keeps it fun to cook with. We won’t let you get stuck. If your knife goes dull, we’ll make it sharp. Simple as it is.


Every Letcase knife set is backed by superior quality assurance for confident purchase. We wish our customer to be 100% happy. Try it risk free. We know you'll love it!

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