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Self-isolation? 6 things to do when you bored stay at home

In the whole world, self-isolation measures have been implemented to help protect our physical health during the current public health crisis. With government ‘s advice to avoid public gatherings and work at home, more people are staying at home. We had so many times to “waste”, in this especial time ,we’re easily get bored with no gathering party, so, the key problem is how we “waste” time.

Here are some tips on how to spend time when you have to stay at home for a long time.

1. Clean the house

Home alone with a lot of energy? A good environment can make you get a good emotion, Use this opportunity to make a deep cleaning, It’s not only spend your time meaningfully but also have a sense of achievement.

Clean the house

2. Body/appearance maintenance

How long you haven’t do a attractive make-up? Life gets busy, and we always have millions things to do. So, that one time you find yourself kicking your heels, have a maintenance session.

Shave, wax, pluck, exfoliate, moisturize,do yoga ,do a make-up… do whatever it is you want/need to do. It will make you more attractive.

Body/appearance maintenance

3. Meditation

These uncertain times can be overwhelming for all of us. In this tough time ,we need to learn meditation. Meditation means actually taking the time to listen to your mind and body, stay calm, think deeply to avoid bad emotions overwhelm you.


4. Start a course

Worried about losing learning and thinking ability? There are many kinds of free courses available online which will expand your horizons and open your mind to a whole new world of knowledge.

Use this free time to find a course that interests you and get started ,you’ll remain competitive ability and become more knowledgeable.

Start a course

5. Cooking

Do you remember when was the last time you cooked purely for pleasure, not just for necessity? Do you remember what’s the last time you cook for your family ? Now, it’s a good chance to cook for your family and strengthen the relationship with the people around you. Cooking is a good try, in order to cooking good-look & delicious food, you may need these kitchen tools:

5.1 Kitchen knife set

This kitchen knife set equipment with different knife can meet any cutting needs you want.

5.2 Vegetable& fruit slicer

The flavor of food is important ,but ,the look of food is still important ,if you want try different kinds of look of food ,try this multifuntional slicer.

6. Bake

If you’re more interested in baking than cooking – no matter how dusty your apron is – it’s time to fire up the oven and find those long lost cakeware.

You can start with simple cake recipes ,I bet you will enjoy the process of baking time especially when you bake with your loved family. Of course, if you don’t have a  complete cakeware, you can visit this website to get what you want.


We need to stay calm and release stress during this tough time, try these 6 things above, I hope you will get through this tough time and welcome a better tomorrow.


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