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How to choose a knife block?

Healthy and environmentally friendly, how to choose knife block:

Now, on the market, there are many kinds of materials are used for knife holder, it ranges from plastics to stainless steel, from ceramics to aluminium alloy, no matter what material, when we make a choice, we need to notice the waterproof and anticorrosive of the material, because knives are certainly touched with oil and water, so, in the whole process of producing, if the material of knife block is not stable, it will affect the whole kitchen service life of the knife block, so we need pay attention to the material of knife block.

How to choose a knife block?


1.The wooden knife block should be made of insect-proof &fungi-proofing material.

2. The cutlery should be kept dry and clean in a ventilated place.Because cutlery is exposed to moist food for a long time, it is easy to grow bacteria.

3. We’d better usually take apart and wash the stainless steel knife holder, before we use it ,we need to have it dried in the sun.

4. The use of house dish rack is also a good choice. After we finish knife use ,we can put it directly on slicker rack, waiting for its natural withering,and then put it to  knife block, remember ,do not use wipe dish towel or dishcloth wipe to clean it, because the kitchen environment is damp, make sure the dish cloth is very clean ,The knife on the house dish rack  can automatically drain water, and maintain good ventilation.

How to choose a knife block?

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It’s extremely important to keep knife dry and clean to avoid grow bacteria. I hope this kind of knife block can help you.

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