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3 Things to Make Cooking Easier and Faster

Always worried about cooking? With these kitchen tools you can become a culinary master.

Exquisite and delicious food, can bring both taste and visual enjoyment, I believe that  no people can resist the temptation of food. It is common to see some housewives and cooking lovers posted homemade food on their social comments, It looks like that delicious and nutritious food is easy to be made. However, when we start to cook, we always meet all kinds of troubles. It takes a lot of time to wash vegetables, cut vegetables and prepare spices. Sometimes, we often encounter problems such as sticky frying pan and low efficiency because we cannot control the heat and self panic. If you want to be able to make food as easily as clever housewife, good skills is needs, Besides, it's also indispensable to get the cooperation of all sorts of kitchen utensils and appliances.

1. A full set of kitchen knife

3 Things to Make Cooking Easier and Faster

Before cooking, we all need to use a kitchen knife to cut and treat the food ingredients, one is for the convenience of cooking, and the other is to cut them into a nice look, which will make the cooked dishes more beautiful and attractive. What's more, food materials requests different hardness and size,so it needs to be cut with different size kitchen knives, so if you want to make cooking  enjoyable and interesting, a full set of kitchen knives can be indispensable.

In order to make cooking easier, it is important to choose a complete and high end knives set. Why? Because sharp blades and comfortable grip can improve cooking efficiency and make it easier to make a variety of food. Letcase's knives are made of stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance, antibacterial and durable, equipped with seven/eight/nine/five  knives, so that you can easily cope with all kinds of food materials.

2. A knife block

3 Things to Make Cooking Easier and Faster

So the knife block is also the kitchen necessities. there are so many things in the kitchen, that's why you need a knife holder to place knives, thus, you can  be able to find the knife that you need easier and it's safer to avoid be harmed by sharp knife. It is not only sanitary but also can save more space for us. in addition, keep it dry and clean in a ventilated place to prevent bacteria growing.

3. Knife Sharpener

3 Things to Make Cooking Easier and Faster

As far as I know, at present, most of the families have following  kitchen knife: the chef's knife, Santoku knife, boning knife (heavy), slicing knife (light), fruit knife and scissors and peeling knife. Here, we recommend a manual knife sharpener.

Manual sharpener: at present, the popular manual sharpener in the market is mainly this kind of handle sharpener as following picture (there are some small suction cup type sharpener, variable Angle sharpener, etc.). This kind of sharpener is characterized by comfortable grip, light weight, convenient use, and quick & obvious sharpener effect. The groove of this kind of sharpener mainly have 2 types: tooth type and wheel type structure.

Tooth type: because it is fixed, so the speed will be very fast, but it is only one-way grinding.

Wheel type: when you sharpening the knife, the wheel will also turn, although the speed of sharpening the knife is slower, the damage to the knife is less, and it can be two-way sharpening the knife.

So you can according to your own needs to choose the right structure of the knife grinder.

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