Diamond Sharpening Rod - Letcase
Diamond Sharpening Rod - Letcase
Diamond Sharpening Rod - Letcase
Diamond Sharpening Rod - Letcase
Diamond Sharpening Rod - Letcase

Diamond Sharpening Rod

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Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

  • 10" Diamond sharpening rod great for all types of knives, including chef's knife, santoku knife, chopping knife, meat cleaver, paring knife, boning knife, bread knife, etc.
  • Diamond sharpening rod is made of high carbon steel, high hardness and wear resistance.
  • Easy to use, ergonomic handle with PP material, safe, non-slip and easy to grip.
  • This diamond sharpening rod is the best choice for beginners and chefs.

How to use the diamond sharpening rod?

  1. Hold the handle of the diamond sharpening rod with your left hand and place the diamond sharpening rod on a flat table with the knife in your right hand.
  2. Place the heel of your blade at the top of the sharpening rod at a 20-25° angle, sharpen the knife from heel to tip.
  3. Finish the second side, repeat 2-3 times on one side until the kitchen knife is completely sharp.
  4. After sharpening, wipe the diamond sharpening rod with a dry cloth. Keep dry, you don't wash with water.

FAQ section

Looking for more info?

How should I maintain my kitchen knives?

Proper maintenance includes regular honing with a honing steel, hand washing and drying immediately after use, storing them in a knife block or magnetic strip to prevent dulling, and occasional sharpening.

How often should I sharpen my kitchen knives?

The frequency of sharpening depends on how often you use your knives and the type of cutting board you use. As a general guideline, knives should be sharpened every 6-12 months with regular honing in between.

Is this kitchen knife dishwasher safe?

Hand washing is recommended, dishwasher might shorten their lifespan and cutting-edge retention.

Do the blade run through the handle?

Yes, our knife blade extends fully through the handle both in length.

What are the advantages of using high-carbon stainless steel for kitchen knives?

High-carbon stainless steel combines the durability and stain resistance of stainless steel with the superior edge retention and sharpness of high-carbon steel, making it an ideal material for kitchen knives.

What are the benefits of using a knife block or magnetic strip for knife storage?

Knife blocks and magnetic strips keep knives organized and easily accessible while protecting their edges from damage caused by contact with other utensils or surfaces.