Non-serrated Steak Knives Set Review 2021 - Letcase Damascus Series - Letcase

Non-serrated Steak Knives Set Review 2021 - Letcase Damascus Series

If you struggled to slice through steak with your dull steak knives, you'll know the importance of having a sharp non-serrated steak knife set. Imagine you spend so much time preparing a perfect steak dinner, you really want a good quality steak knife set so you and your dining mates can truly enjoy the meal, right?

Do you know why steak knives always appear on every wedding registry? I think it is because having a high-quality steak knife set is a tangible, material proclamation of adulthood achieved, and own it stands for you have the potential ability to live a meaningful and quality life. Non-serrated steak knives can effortlessly slice through the meat, leaving a clean, smooth surface. Moreover, non-serrated steak knives are much easier to be resharpened than serrated steak knives, a high-quality steak knife can be useful for a lifetime.

Non-serrated Steak Knives Set Review

Thus, we recommend finding a good steak knife set for yourself or people you love.

Today, we’re going to share a high-quality steak knife we have. Of course, when you begin to pick up the right steak knives, you need to know 5 things to look for when buying steak knife set.

Straight-edge steak knives set review - Letcase Damascus series

1. Wooden gift box

When I receive the parcels, uncover the outsider courier bag, I got the wood gift box.

Non-serrated Steak Knives Set Review 2021 - Gift Box

It looks like some dust and scratches on the box, fortunately, there is a plastic layer outside to avoid scratch the surface of the wooden box.

2. Safely storage

The straight-edge steak knife set comes in a lovely wood box which almost feels like a jewelry box. Inside the box are 6 sleek metal steak knives, each safely and stably lie in a single compartment.

Non-serrated Steak Knives Set Review 2021 - 6pcs

As you can see from the picture, each steak knife comes with a plastic cover to protect it.

3. Details

Look at details, each of the knives comes in a one-piece construction, with the thin, elegant wood handle connecting with the Damascus blade seamlessly. all of these enhances the sturdiness of the knives significantly. By the way, it feels very good when I put it in my hand.

Non-serrated Steak Knives Set Review 2021 - curved edge

The curved edge of the blade makes it easier to slice through the tough or thick meat effortlessly, leaving very little visible fiber tear on the surface, shows a clean, smooth cut surface.

Own it, you don't need to worry about struggling with the meat.

Full-tang and rivet design adds durability and makes the knife easier to control.

Seamless, No gap between the blade and the handle/scales, don't worry about bacteria, food, water, etc being able to permeate the space in-between.

The fish-belly handle design makes it easier to grasp and effortless cut.

4. A good artwork display

I have a knife holder at home to put other knives, I tried to put the steak knife on the knife holder, you can see that this is really a good art display. Placing such an attractive set of knives in the kitchen will definitely make you feel better when cooking.

In addition, when friends, neighbors, or relatives visit, they will be attracted to see such a set of knives, and they will praise you for your good taste and quality life.

Olivewood-handle is mirror polished for non-slip and easy grip. It is a standout choice if you prefer a lighter, more modern look. Olive wood has the texture of wood, it looks real and sexy, and it gleams in the sun and is very special.

In the sun, the pattern on the blade is clearer and shinier, this pattern is formed by folding and forging process features a real Damascus pattern. Is it attractive to look at?

5. Sharp enough to be a multi-purpose kitchen tool

This small 5-inch steak knife can not only cut steaks but also can be used as a fruit knife or a small utility knife. It can be used to cut fruits and vegetables which allows us to make salads, fruit platter more convenient.


In a word, this Letcase Damascus steak knife is high quality, exquisite looking. This 6-piece steak knife set will make a great gift for your family or friends.

Finally, you need to pay attention to that don't wash it in a dishwasher. Because the handle is wood, if you push it in water for a long time, it may fade.

Hope you can find your right steak knives to enjoy your quality life.

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