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15 Best Kitchen Gadgets in 2020

Even if you are a cooking beginner in the kitchen, you can look like a professional chef with the right kitchen tools. In most situations, exquisite dishes are not so related to professional cooking skills, but to the kitchen utensils, you choose.

In addition, if you do not have enough time to prepare cooking ingredients, kitchen tools are even more important at this time. Good kitchen tools can save you time.

I’ll introduce 15 best kitchen gadgets to save your time.

1. Sharp Kitchen Knives

When it comes to cooking, 90% of the ingredients need to be cut into the desired shape with a kitchen knives, so whether the knife is sharp is an important factor to save time. Buying a good set of cooking knives can reduce the time you prepare the ingredients.

Kitchen knife set

2. Salad Cutting Bowl

Salad cutting bowl, with 15 cutting slits lid, is safe. the hollow design can wash the and drain at the same time, the most important point is that it can be rotated to cut vegetables. With it, you no longer have to cut vegetables and fruits one by one to make salads, pour them all in a bowl. So easy!

Salad Cutting Bowl | Letcase Knives

3. Oiler

The oil pots bought in ordinary supermarkets are always over-drained when the hands are shaken accidentally, and the seals are not tight enough. If you accidentally touch them, you will spill a oil around the whole table. what’s more, the glass material is easy to break.

However, this oil pot is made of food-grade plastic, and the method of use is squeezing, over-drained phenomenon won’t occur again. The mouth of the bottle can be fully buckled up and will not leak oil if it is poured.

And the price is super cheap. At the same time, you can also put jam and salad in it.

Oiler | Letcase Knives

4. Korean LIVING HANKOOK Vertical "Tumbler" Non-stick Rice Spoon

This rice scoop is made of food-grade PP material, and the scoop is designed like a tumbler that can stand firmly on the table, unlike other rice scoops that are nowhere to be placed on a dirty desktop.

Generally, rice scoop sticks to rice, but the surface of this rice scoop is embossed with wavy patterns. When we use it, the rice will not be touched at all. It feels the same as it has not been used. Is this feeling great?

Korean LIVING HANKOOK vertical tumbler non-stick rice spoon - Letcase Knives

5. Stainless Steel Slicer

A good slicer is hard to get, This slicer is made of stainless steel and the base is made of healthy ABS resin.

This slicer is relatively powerful which can cut eggs, preserved eggs, tofu, luncheon meat, sausages, tomatoes and more.

Stainless steel slicer - Letcase Knives

6. Creative Layered Cutting Board

This cutting board is composed of two layers, the upper layer is the cutting board; the lower layer is the removable hollow basket, I like to cut the vegetables and use the knife to push the ingredients into the basket so that the cutting board is still available for other cutting tasks. After cutting, pull out the hollow basket then put it into the pan for frying. The whole process is smooth, all in one go. This feeling is really cool.

Creative Layered Cutting Board - Letcase Knives

7. Mini Snack Sealer

When you open the food package, however, you can’t eat it all. then, storage became a problem. This sealing machine can easily seal all kinds of snacks, plastic bags, the next time you can eat fresh snacks as before.

Just install two No. 5 batteries, it will automatically heat up, and then put it at the lid of the bag, from left to right, gently press to seal and store. it’s with a protective cover to prevent you from burning, there is a magnet at the bottom, which can be adsorbed on the refrigerator when you don’t use it.

Mini Snack Sealer - Letcase Knives

8. Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

I usually use this electric and beautiful meat grinder when I need minced meat or minced garlic at home. The operation is very simple. It has four blades and rotates to cut food. There are fast and slow gears, basically, it takes only a few seconds to mince ingredients, and it is made of stainless steel which makes it very easy to clean. You no longer need to chop stuffing manually. It is definitely a good helper in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder - Letcase Knives

9. Air Fryer

If the kitchen space in your home is limited and it is not convenient to buy an oven. We recommended you to buy an air fryer.

By using the grease contained in the meat itself, delicious chicken legs and wings can be fried. You can also roast the leg of lamb and sweet potatoes (the sweet potato is wrapped in tin foil and roasted, don't mention how delicious it is).

air fryer - letcase knives

10. Vanilla Grinder

This vanilla crusher is very similar to pepper grinder, it can grind fresh herbs like rosemary, coriander, dill, sage.

Vanilla Grinder - Letcase Knives

11. Wine Bottle Opener

For people who drink red wine, this is a must kitchen gadget. Especially those who like to cook with red wine.

12. Christmas Creative Rolling Pin

In order to make the food more attractive, many special elements are added when making food. Print different patterns on the cake, so, whether it's making small cookies or pastries, comes with a pattern effect, double the cooking fun, and the People who enjoy food double their happiness too.

Christmas Creative Rolling Pin - Letcase Knives

13. Nonstick Pan

This non-stick pan is suitable for frying and deep frying, stir fry etc. it is easy to clean, a good pan can make more attractive dishes.

Nonstick Pan - Letcase Knives

14. Filters

Are you going to make smoothie, sauce, tea or even cream soup? It requires special equipment to remove excess liquid or components. Filters can help you do this. When you plan to squeeze oil from plants, filters can help you. Moreover, you can use it as a draining pasta.

Filters - Letcase Knives

15. Stainless Steel Steak Clip

This equipment must be used when cooking steaks, grilling or handling food in the microwave. It has a non-slip long bracket that can protect you from heat. When you use this device, food will not slip. They will help flip the ingredients on the cooking pot or grill.

Stainless Steel Steak Clip - Letcase Knives

Hope you find the right kitchen tools for yourself or the people you care.

Don’t hesitate to invest some high-quality kitchen gadgets.

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