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The Most Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Best Friend

When you are crazy about choosing gifts, do you have a moment to pause and think about what’s the real meaning of gift-giving? Is it a regular routine, or an issue of fabric or you just want to express your appreciation? Before deciding to pick a gift, we suggest that you think about this question first, which will help you choose a more suitable and more intentional gift. This article will together with you to find the answer from these 4 parts:

  1. Why do people give gifts?
  2. Why gift is important in daily life?
  3. How can we choose the right gift?
  4. What are the most thoughtful gift choices?


Why do people give gifts?

In some times: We give gifts because we’re supposed to. It is customary on certain occasions, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, dinner parties, anniversaries, birthdays, the end of the year, etc.

Giving gifts is to show your appreciation to someone and tell him/her that you value the role they play in your lives.

Of course, there are some gift-giving is an issue of fabric, we don’t talk about this today.

Finally, gift-giving can make yourself happy too. Once it feels wonderful to be on the receiving end, there exists an atmosphere of self-gratification whenever you're the person who's performing the committing. This cannot be quantified by fiscal price. The enjoyment you make it from starting a gift isn't simply momentary, nevertheless giving you an even far more self-fulfilling adventure that lasts for a very long duration of time.

Why gift is important in daily life

Our life is only once. We try to make life as colorful as possible. We hope that we can share the beauty of life with someone. Life needs a sense of ritual and a little change, and gifts are a good carrier. You can pass your thoughts to others. At the same time, the gift recipient will also feel happy to know that there is a person making effort to make me happy.

As Tagore wrote in the poem, "I'm not stupid enough to think that I can buy your heart with gifts. But I still want to give you something because we are floating on the streams of the world, our lives will be separated and our love will be forgotten." so, we hope the gift can witness forever.

By giving gifts, can enhance mutual friendship and convey love. The value of a gift is not its price, but the emotional value contained in the gift, which is the blessing and hope of others for you. The gift is not necessarily a substantial item, it can be an action or an event, the meaning of the gift is very important. How to give the right gift to the right person need to pay more time.

How can we choose right gift?

In fact, under any civilization, the symbolic meaning of gifts is always greater than the value of use.

The selection of gifts is an art. Our gifts should represent 2 things. First, they need to fulfill the requirements of our friends and relatives. Second, they need to be the creation of our selves. They need to be a part of our own nature. Totally different artistic gifts become a vicinity of the memory of the one who receives.

I watched a TV show, and the girl said, "Every time he gives a gift, he will say that if the two of us quarrel in the future, let me think about the gift he gave me, think about good of him."

This girl is the general distributor of a mainland cosmetics company in the mainland. Her life is exquisite, and her husband has sent many top famous brand bags. But her favorite gift was a small egg her husband gave him on Easter. Because there is a portrait painted by her husband, even though it is very ugly, she said, "Every time I see this little egg, I think he is so stupid, but so cute. of course I also like bags, but they are not as warm as it is."

Sometimes, the value of a gift is too high may cause the gift recipient focus on the selling price, and ignore the meaning of this gift-giving behavior itself. At the same time, if it is too expensive, it will cause psychological burden.

There is another situation, people are always put all the precious gifts that others gave her/him in the cabinet, they think it’s too precious to use it. However, if you keep these gifts in the cabinet, there are high possibility to forget it, the intentions of the gift givers may also be sealed and forgotten together too.

As we can see from the story:

The gift is a carrier of love between you, me and others. The best gift is not necessarily the most expensive gift, but it is something that others will feel warm. Because gifts don’t express appreciation, people do. And when people don’t express it, neither do their gifts.

What’s more, the gift is better to be utility, thus, the Gift recipient can use it often and can notice your exist. Whenever they look at the gift, people who gave them those gifts and the occasion will flash through their mind. I believe you hope the people love your gift.

What are the most thoughtful gift choices

Damascus Kitchen Knives Set

If you are preparing a gift for man, this Damascus kitchen knives set is a stunning choice too. Damascus steel is the symbol of noble which will show the importance the receiving end for you. In addition, cooking is something that is done every day, Is it a great thing to remind others to think about you when they are cooking? Of course, you don’t need to choose a whole set of knives, you can choose any one of them.

Many times the gift is like a mirror that can illuminate you in other's hearts. No matter what others send, even if they can buy it everywhere in the store. It contains some of the others’ expectations for you. The converse is the same, The gifts you give to each other also carry your expectations of others. It may be a reward, compensation, an incentive, or an expression of love. Hope you can choose the right gift for people you care.


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