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Why you at least need one real good Damascus chef knife?

There are some people who think that 'a knife is just a knife,' and that any type of kitchen knife that makes a cut will do the same trick. These people don't care about the kitchen knife itself, they just need a dirt-cheap tool that does what they consider to be cutting and can survive abuse, "But the thing is that, the shape and function of a knife are simple and nearly the same. It’s actually a precisely calibrated tool that, when well-made, can have a better effect on meal preparation."

Why you at least need one real good Damascus chef knife?

You know that every experience can actually be represented by score points, and so is the cooking experience. It's very simple that a good Damascus chef's knife is an important tool to make your cooking experience reach 100 scores to transform the ordinary cooking encounter into something truly remarkable.

So for a chef or a real cooking lover, a good Damascus steel chef knife is essential.

Another question comes, why a good kitchen knife should be a Damascus chef knife? Before we answer this question, we’d like you to know What makes a good knife?

What makes a good knife?

1. Hardcore

A strong center can elevate a good knife to greatness. The core of each Damascus knife is made from solid VG10 steel that maintains a hard edge, so it’s a sturdy, reliable worker.

2. Good weight distribution

How the weight distributed between the knife blade and knife handle is vital, the outer edge of the blade is made from the same steel as the handle to add extra strength to make a well-balanced kitchen knife.

3. Great grip

A comfortable knife handle can provide a great grip to make cutting jobs simple and safe. Some special designs have a groove for your thumb to fit into to give you the best possible grip for fast speeding cutting like slicing and dicing.

So, are Damascus steel kitchen knives worth it? if it is a good kitchen knife to have? you can refer to our another article: Are Damascus steel kitchen knives worth it?

The kitchen knife is an important weapon for the cook just like the cosmetic bag for the makeup artist. Your weapons need to be properly maintained so that your weapons reciprocate the care you give them. let’s see how we maintain a good knife to last throughout the whole life.

How should we maintain a good kitchen knife?

1. Keep it clean

To ensure your kitchen knife stays healthy and in good condition, please wash it as soon as possible after you’ve used it, then dry and store it in a safe place like a knife block or bag. Doing this can prevent food particles from corroding the blade. we recommend hand -wash it even though it is dishwasher safe. A good knife deserves good maintenance.

2. Regular honing with right sharpening tools

To keep your blade staying sharp, sharpening is vital. We recommend using whetstone with high grinds to sharpening the knife. Regular honing is worth the effort.

3. Appropriate and safe storage

The good way to store knives is in a knife block or an in-drawer knife organizer or a mounted magnet holder. these storage methods can protect the blade avoid getting chipped and losing their sharp edge.

4. Choosing an appropriate cutting board to match

As we all know, it doesn't work if you just have a kitchen knife, you have to own a cutting board too. The cutting board shouldn't be too hard to damage the knife tip like granite and glass cutting board. We recommend this kind of cutting board: breathable bamboo and wood cutting board or stainless steel cutting board. After we know what makes a good knife and how to maintain a good knife, we need to analyze why you should own a good knife.

The advantages of owing a good Damascus chef knife

As we mentioned above, a good Damascus chef's knife can elevate your cooking experience reach 100 scores. Let’s see how:

1. More precise cutting

Damascus chef knife is in great shape, you are more likely to improve the quality of your chopping skills. you can cut ingredients into every shape you like to decorate your plate.

2. Perfect for fast speed cutting

Keeping your knife at its best conditions means that you can work faster and save time for food preparation, and make you enjoy the pure pleasure for cooking.

3. Long lasting

Maintain your knife in an appropriate way can increase its longevity, which represents that you don't need to change your knives frequently.
Of course, you will feel that the cost of buying a good kitchen knife is enough to buy several cheap ones. but since better and nicer knives are made to last longer, if you treat them with the right care it’s unlikely that you’ll need to replace them. A real chef Nicola said, "When used correctly, kitchen knives are made to last throughout your lifetime".

Finally, when you are going to choose a good Damascus chef knife you want, you may have no idea, you can refer to this article: Best Japanese Damascus Chef Knives to Buy in 2020 to help you make decisions.

Why you at least need one real good Damascus chef knife?

After reading this article, hope you can understand why a good kitchen knife is vital for cooking lovers. Through the knife artwork, you can feel the passion and concentration of the knife maker, just like you take cooking seriously. we believe you deserve a good knife, and you are willing to maintain your kitchen knives correctly. your personality can be shown in the way you treat your kitchen tools.

In addition, a good knife is beneficial for the table plate, thus you can bring joy to the people who enjoy the meal with you.

May you embrace and enjoy every new cooking experience with a great Damascus chef knife. May you embrace and enjoy every new cooking experience with a great Damascus chef knife.

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