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Top 4 best Kiritsuke knife in 2020

Japanese knives have a variety of choices, like chef knives, GYUTOU chef knife, santoku knife, slicing knife, Nikiri knife and Kiritsuke Knife. Among all of these knives, the Kiritsuke knife is the coolest knife with it’s cool and antithetic appearance.

Top 4 best Kiritsuke knife

What is Kiritsuke knife?

The kiritsuke combines the advantage of two different Japanese chef's knives,  the yanagi the gyutou. It is not only used as a rock-chopping vegetable knife , but also as a fish cutting knife. The blade is longer than the gyutou, and the angled tip has a very cool special shape unlike other kinds of chef's knife.

compared with the traditional kiritsuke knife, modern kiritsuke knife is double bevels designed, makes it more convenient to use. The kiritsuke’s reverse tanto profile makes the pointed tip very flexible to cut.

As the name implied "slit open", this kind of blade shape is multi-purpose in Japanese cooking and is widely used for cooking preparation like sashimi prep and the fine vegetable slice. Owing to it's thinner blade, it good for precision cutting.

What factors should be considered when we choose one kiritsuke knife?

1. Blade material

If you haven’t got a kitchen knife before, it’s vital to consider its materials as a top priority. This affects how sharp the knife, and how long it can keep its sharp, and how well they hold up to corrosion.

 on the market, the most popular blade is made of   VG10, AUS10, and X50CrMoV, etc.

2. Hardness

Compared with Europe blade, the most difference of Japanese knife blade is its high carbon content and high-quality steel.

Why sharpness is so vital? you know how bad it is to cut food with a dull knife. A Sharp knife can provide a good user experience with it's fast speed and good-shape food, of course, a sharp knife can make sure you are in a good mood to make food preparation. The Rockwell Scale is the industry standard for hardness measurement. The greater the number, the tougher the steel will be. Japanese-style knife often has 56HRC-62HRC depends on the steel types. in the hand, the harder the steel is, the longer the sharp edge can keep. Thus, you don't need to worry about frequently honing or sharpening.

3. Knife hand materials

Good handle materials can improve the grip and also affect the balance of the knife. Japanese knives are mostly made of pakkawood, stablized wood, ebony wood, color wood, etc., which one to choose is a matter of preference.

4. Design

With the development of technology, kitchen knives are along the higher diversity of design features, such as ergonomic handle design, make people feel less fatigue whey the used knife.

Furthermore, modern technology also adds amazing aesthetic styling. for example, laser -engraving technology can make the stainless kitchen knife with a wavy pattern, and the hand-forged process can form an attractive Damascus pattern, all these crafts make these popular kitchen instruments works of art.

5. Budget

Everything has its own price, and knives are no exception. Different materials and different craftsmanship imply different prices, so the final choice of kiritsuke knife depends on how much you are willing to spend on this knife.

According to these factors, we list 4 we think are good kiritsuke knife for you to choose.

Top 4 best  Kiritsuke knife


Top 4 best Kiritsuke knife

This Letcase Japanese kiritsuke chef knife is made from 67 layers Damascus steel. Vg10 is a premium Damascus steel which ensures the hardness of the chef knife, the HRC is 60+/-2. Damascus knives with mirror hand-sharpened edge are designed to allow faster speeding cutting which can save your time for cooking prep and make your kitchen tidy.

Hand polished, the ergonomic handle shape is engineered for superior control, agility, and comfort, the full tang design is for extra strength & durability.

This multi-functional professional kiritsuke knife can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of Cutting, Dicing, Slicing, Chopping, and Mincing. Effortlessly Cuts Meat, Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, and much more to the shape you want like Brunoise Dice, Julienne, etc.


Top 4 best Kiritsuke knife

This Kiritsuke Knife is also made of expensive Japanese vg10 Damascus steel,

VG10 is an extremely tough core ,covered with 33 layers of soft steel each side, forged together under extreme pressure and high heat, resulting in a  very sharp cutting edge that will keep its edge longer and can be re-sharpened and maintained much addition.

The knife handle is very unique and special ,it is made by burl with resin and different dyes ,that’s why it looks so colorful .


So, you can see from the picture ,it must be a good gift for people you care.


Top 4 best Kiritsuke knife

This 8 Inch stainless kiritsuke knife is made of 7CR17 high carbon stainless steel with color wood handle. Perfect balance and razor sharp, keep your kitchen away from the blunt knife. 

Furthermore, this product comes with a gift box and sheath, which can storage the knife safely and conveniently.

The most important thing is this stainless kiritsuke knife has very nice price, just $39.99, is great value for money.


Top 4 best Kiritsuke knife

Modern Damascus steel is made of a forging process. It is generally made of a combination of hard and hard materials that are forged together. The steel is forged and toughened with both toughness and hardness. Make the knife sharp. Suitable for cutting a variety of foods.

The distinctive feature of the Damascus knife is that the surface of the knife has a variety of patterns. The pattern at the knife face is highlighted. The pattern is unique and different. Very stylish and distinguished.

The use of a variety of materials to join, through a number of cumbersome procedures to further upgrade the material of the wood, so that the wooden handle greatly increase the moisture-proof effect, not easy to rot, can be stored for a long time. The color matching process is very important, and the natural sandalwood is specially treated to make the wood more shiny. The collection value of the handle is also very high. The one-piece handle is comfortable to hold, luxurious and extravagant, while retaining an ergonomic design.


When in terms of choosing which specific Kiritsuke knife, no one answer is suitable for everyone.

The best way to decide which knife is best for you is to re-read the above instructions and choose according to your usage, style, knife skills and budget.


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