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Are hand forged kitchen knives better?

We always hear that "this knife is hand forged chef knife, try it, it’s good performance". Thus we feel confused about if hand forged kitchen knives better than other kinds of knives when we want to purchase a new one kitchen knife. don’t worry, we’re going to tackle this problem.

Before we go, we need to figure out what is hand forged process.

Are hand forged kitchen knives better

What is hand forged kitchen knives?

Hand forged kitchen knives means the kitchen knives are made by hand-forged process, so, what’s the hand forged process?

The hand-forged knife making process starts with highly heating a chunk of steel and then hammering into the rough shape of the knife being made. The wavy pattern on the blade is usually formed in this process.

During the forging process, the important is not only just the hammering of the steel but also the heat cycling and time of the process that really makes a fine blade.

After this process is done correctly, the forged knife does have an edge over machined steel and its blade is more enduring.

There is something you need to pay attention: the quality of the blade when hand forging is involved will depend more on the craftsman than the steel itself. so, the experience and craft are important for a craftsman.

What’s the advantages of the hand forged kitchen knives?

1. Make the knife stronger and keep edge for longer

The benefit of forging steel includes better grain flow and refining of the steel's internal structure, which generally improves the hardness of steel. Generally, hand-forged kitchen knives are stronger, durable, and longer-lasting than machined gadgets. Know the difference between the forged kitchen knives and stamped knives, refer to this article: What's the difference between forged kitchen knives and stamped knives?

2. More balance and comfort

There's a metal that runs the length of the blade through the whole handle, which gives the knife further balance, in another hand, the existence of a bolster from the forging process also makes the forged knives more balanced and comfortable.

3. Easy to sharpen

According to the forged blade is less flexible that it won’t twist during the sharpening process, so, it's easy to sharpen.

4. Excellent performance

Forging provides a degree of structural integrity that can't get from other metalworking processes. It eliminates any internal voids or air/gas gaps that can harm metal parts, forging provides superior chemical uniformity and predictable structural integrity reduces part inspection requirements, simplifies heat treating and machining, all of these features are good for superior metallurgical and mechanical qualities and make sure the knife has the optimum performance.

5. Increase fatigue resistance

Steels can be forged to meet virtually any stress to ensure maximum impact strength. Grain flow is oriented to improve ductility, toughness, and increase fatigue resistance.

6. Variety of pattern

A unique pattern is formed during the continuous folding and forging process. This is more like a mathematical problem. You need to calculate how to forge after each folding to get the pattern you want.

To some degree, shape designs are limited by the craft skills and imagination of the craftsman. Of course, with the maturity of forging technology, there are many forged knives with beautiful patterns now.

We believe you have a better understanding of hand forged knife after reading this article, now you can choose your favorite kitchen knives on the market. Here’s a list of best hand forged knife for you, hope it can help you.

Recommend lists of best hand forged kitchen knives

Top 4 Hand Forged Kitchen Knives Rating Price Brand
The best hand-forged Damascus kitchen knife set 4.8 $259.00 Letcase
The best budget-friendly hand-made butcher knife 4.8 $69.00 Letcase
The best stylish hand forged meat cleaver 4.8 $79.00 Letcase
The best 8 inch 67 layers Japanese Damascus hand forged chef knife 4.7 $89.99 Letcase

1. The best hand-forged Damascus kitchen knife set

Are hand forged kitchen knives better?

This hand-forged Damascus steel chef knife set is special for its unique pattern, it’s fishbone pattern which is very beautiful and can make your kitchen different from any other kitchen. and it's a complete kitchen knives set which is not only good for handling kitchen task, but also a good investment to your knife collections.

2. The best budget-friendly hand-made butcher knife

Are hand forged kitchen knives better?

This hand forged butcher knife is sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei. Compared with kitchen knives made with mechanical ways, the service life of such knives is longer.

3. The best stylish hand forged meat cleaver

Are hand forged kitchen knives better?

Made by premium high-carbon steel, repeated forging and folding, high hardness and sharp blade. In the quenching - Hammer -tempering- clamping steel - Hammer -quenching- tempering and other continuous cycle operations. Knife pattern was formed during the forged process, coupled with an ebony solid wood handle, which is good for cutting ribs.

4. The best 8 inch 67 layers Japanese Damascus hand forged chef knife

Are hand forged kitchen knives better?

The uniqueness of this knife is its handle. The color of each handle is different. The unexpected combination of colors makes it look like a work of art. The handle is made of stable wood, the resin and various dyes are combined to form a colorful handle.

Moreover, this knife is a Damascus knife, its performance fully matches its excellent appearance, which is why many people choose this knife as a gift.


In a nutshell, a forged knife has better durability and longer-lasting, of course, it comes up with a high price, we believe it is worth it. Hope you can find the best knife you want.


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