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The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

Every family has a cutting board to chop meat, cut fruits and vegetables, which lasts for several years.

The best cutting board in 2020

What you don't know is that the seemingly clean cutting board is already scarred.

Every knife mark is stuffed with food residues, constantly decayed, and the kitchen is damp, the cutting board is moldy and hairy, no matter how fresh the vegetables are, no matter how clean the board is washed, the food cut onboard have been contaminated.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

What are the disadvantages of a bad cutting board?

An experiment was done on a health program. Cut meat on a new wood cutting board for 30 seconds and left for one hour. It actually breeded 82 mg/c㎡ of bacteria. This means that a cutting board that has been used continuously for 3 months will breed as many as 200 million bacterial/c㎡ including coliforms, molds, salmonella, fecal cocci, etc. Which is 200 times dirty than the toilet!

It’s too terrieble to cut vegetables in the bacteria every day, and the delicious dishes are mixed with countless bacteria, especially the nutritional meals for pregnant women and baby food supplements. If you eat it, it will cause stomach pain and gastrointestinal vomiting and diarrhea.

What's more frightening is that wooden cutting boards will breed aflatoxin, first class of international carcinogens, which is 68 times more poisonous than arsenic!

Just 1 milligram will damage the liver function and induce liver cancer, bone cancer, kidney cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, etc., a real killer who never blinks.

One workmate, Ms. Wang, was tested for cancer in 2013. The scary thing is that her father, brother and other relatives also died of cancer. After testing, it was found that the cancer was caused by aflatoxin.

Even if it is cut and cleaned, or disinfected with hot boiling water, it cannot be killed!

Because of its high temperature resistance, it takes 280° to kill it, and ordinary methods can't get rid of it.

Another question, what about plastic and bamboo cutting boards? Even if aflatoxins will not breed, they need adhesives for splicing and thickening. Once the temperature is higher, they will release melamine and bisphenol A.

Even some bad business company use binders that exceed the standard of formaldehyde, causing us to eat formaldehyde every day. The long-term consequences are disastrous!

To put it simply, bad cutting boards can breed bacteria to cause cancer, which delivers high health risks.

According to the survey, 75% of people around the world are using these types of cutting boards. But 99% of German households have such a healthy cutting board to keep away all germs and odors. This is what we recommend cutting board today.

The best cutting board in 2020

It’s Letcase stainless steel cutting board features German technology. Let’s take 6 seconds to get to know it!


Advantages of Letcase stainless steel chopping board:

  • Food grade 304 stainless steel, anti-mildew + antibacterial + deodorant.
  • Available on both sides, can be used to make vegetables, fruits, meat, baby food.
  • Polished, non-slip + no knife damage + low decibel, easy to clean.
  • German craftsmanship, 200% quality assurance.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

"Drive a German car once, you may drive a German car for the rest of your life." This sentence became the endorsement of German cars, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Maybach...German cars became the benchmark of the automobile manufacturing industry.

In Germany, it is not only cars that are dazzling, but also powerful equipment and manufacturing industries, as small as a pot, they strive for perfection in every production detail. It is this "craftsman spirit" that has precipitated batches of powerful and world-renowned brands. Such as Perfect Fu, Fissler, Zwilling, Letcase.

Letcase stainless steel cutting boards use superb German technology to create a piece of top kitchenware. From design to craftsmanship, they are full of modern and high-level sense, making you fall in love with the kitchen and the quality of life

All its products are made of food-grade alloy substrates and going through the SGS authorization inspected and testing, all indicators are in line with the standard with convincing quality and safety.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

Some people say that you can make a delicious meal with a single candle with German pots and pans. More people say: With the cutting board of Letcase, you don't need to buy other cutting boards for 20 years.

Many moms are saying that shopping board only looks for Letcase.

Food grade 304 stainless steel cutting board with daily sales of 5000-life is your own.

Family dinner is not simply finding a restaurant to have a meal, but making a healthy and delicious home-cooked meal together at home. A healthy cutting board is responsible for the health of the family member.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

With this healthy cutting board Not only processing ingredients, but also a unique insight and love for life.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

Its material is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which can be directly contacted with food. It has durability, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance of 800 ℃, mildew resistance, antibacterial, and odor removal performance. No frothing, no shavings, no food residue hidden.

The best cutting board in 2020

Tips: How to distinguish whether it is really stainless steel

Some bad businesses use ordinary stainless steel to pretend to be 304 stainless steel, which is very unethical, because when ordinary stainless steel is used, the amount of heavy metal migration will exceed the standard.

Therefore, if you have stainless steel kitchenware at home, it is best to use the identification water to identify it. The food-grade does not change color, and non-food grade will appear color.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

Every food processed by it looks accurately calculated by German technology. The thickness of each piece of meat is just right. The taste of every bite is comparable to the high-end cuisine of Michelin restaurants.

Don’t want to eat bacteria every day, start from changing the cutting board.

The best cutting board in 2020

Parents who are always sending special products to their children, white-collar workers who often spend $100 to $500 on cosmetics, some of them shop cutting boards with low discounts, thus they risk their lives to eat every day.

Sometimes, help parents change a cutting board is the most touching and subtlest filial piety. And for yourself, even if you work late into the night, come home and cut lemons and soak in a glass of water, your life will be fascinating.

Letcase cutting board has high-quality natural metal CU, which is evenly distributed in the cutting board structure so that the cutting board does not hide dirt and has the characteristics of anti-mildew and anti-bacteria.

We made an experiment, we place meat slices on different cutting boards for 1 hour., including stainless steel cutting board, a wooden cutting board, a bamboo cutting board, and a plastic cutting board. we observed the bacterial content through a microscope, the results were as follows:

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

Then, we test common pathogens such as aflatoxin and E. coli, the mycelial growth grade was 0.23, indicating that even in humid weather, this stainless steel chopping board will not grow mold and breed bacteria.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

With it, mothers can make a variety of supplementary foods with no worry about safety and health.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

And when the stainless steel alloy comes into contact with air and water molecules, it will release iron ions to decompose the molecular structure of the peculiar smell, "reducing" to the original odorless state. The stainless steel kitchen knife at home will not stick to the smell, and the stainless steel soap will remove the peculiar smell. This is the same reason.

If you cut the meat and then cut the fruit, you will no longer worry about bad flavour Compared with the ordinary cutting board of 3 cm, its thickness is less than 3 mm which makes it save space for storage and convenient to carry even when moving.

After several processes such as wire drawing and polishing, the surface is more textured and non-slip. Cutting yam and fish is not afraid of slippery, and will not cut to the finger.

Cutting yam and fish is not afraid of slippery

When you want to make bread, with it, kneading dough is not sticky, and it is easy to operate.

Everyone should be worried about whether the knife will be destroyed. Food-grade 304 stainless steel has a lower hardness than a kitchen knife. As long as you don't cut it with enough pressure, it will basically not hurt the knife.

It will be cleaned as soon as it is flushed. Unlike ordinary cutting boards, you need to use a steel wire ball to brush and use a toothpick to pick up the meat residue stuck in the knife mark.

The edges and corners are polished, round and not hurt your hands, and the portable handle design makes it easy to pick up and hang up.

Best cutting board in 2020

Of course, it also has a small disadvantage, that is, when cutting vegetables, it makes a louder sound than a wooden cutting board.

We have tested that the sound of cutting tomatoes is kept at 50 decibels, while the sound of normal speech is 40-60 decibels, so cutting vegetables will not be very harsh.

The best and the healthiest cutting board in 2020

What is the size of the cutting board?

This cutting board has 4 different sizes. you can choose the right tone for your needs.

Best cutting board in 2020

How about customer reviews

The repurchase rate is very high, and the following are frequent comments from customers:

"Cleaner and healthier"
"It is easy to wash, does not breed bacteria"
"Long life and cost-effective"

A good cutting board is indispensable for a table of delicious meals. The health of the whole family is inseparable from our careful care.

Buy a good cutting board for your baby, make healthy food supplements. And prepare one for your parents,hope they can stay healthy for a long time.
and buy one for yourself. Even if the house is rented, life is not.

This time, we won a discount! Use the discount code: WelcomeBack to get a 10% discount.

Q & A:

1. Will there be knife marks on the cutting board?

Any cutting board will have marks after using a kitchen knife. But the mark on 304 stainless steel cutting board will be much smaller. In addition, 304 stainless steel is a food-grade safe and healthy material, which can be used with confidence.

2. Can the cutting board be used to cut meat and chop bones?

Our stainless steel cutting boards are solid and all-steel forging. There is no problem with cutting meat and cartilage food. Although there is no problem, cutting bones will do a lot of damage to any cutting board. It is recommended to divide hard bones food into small pieces before taking them home.

3. Is it ok for cutting both raw and cooked food?

Yes, our cutting board can be used on both sides, and 304 is medical-grade stainless steel that is recognized by the public. It is healthy and hygienic, antibacterial and mildew proof, and easy to clean. in another hand, it's uneasy to crack, leaving debris and produce odor.

4. Will the cutting board hurt the kitchen knife blade?

The surface of the 304 stainless steel cutting board is burnished, polished and wire-drawn. Normal household use will not hurt the blade.

5. How to maintain the cutting board?

After using the cutting board, wipe it with a clean and dry cloth.

Warm tips:

1. Excessive force will cause damage to the cutting board and blade. Please avoid mincing meat and chopping food with hard bone in daily use.
2. After use, please wipe it with a soft cloth in time, avoid using brush.
3. Please do not touch the open flame or soak it in strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature solution.

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