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The best thank you gift for chefs in 2020

Get the gifts for those hard-working in the kitchen for you.

Due to the COVID-19, 2020 has become the most special year. We have encountered unprecedented difficulties and changes this year. We need to thanks the people who always accompany and encourage us.

We spend ten times more time at home than usual. Think of the chef who cooks for you at home, whatever they are professional chefs or home amateur cooks, in this special year, should you choose a special gift to convey your gratitude?

The best thank you gift for chefs

How should we select gift for home chefs?

Everyone knows that it is better to give what others want in their hearts, but how do you find what others want?

Then let's start to imagine, as a chef, what processes are needed to turn fresh ingredients bought from the market into delicious dishes on the table?

It's not easy, right? There are lots of chores waiting for chefs to handle.

In order to simplify the process, we divide the cooking process into three simple steps: the cooking preparation stage, the cooking stage, and enjoy the meal stage.

At the stage of cooking preparation, what gift should we choose?

At this stage, what kitchen tools to use depends on the variety of ingredients and the complexity of processing them.

In this process, the most frequently used kitchen gadgets are kitchen knives, whether you are dealing with meat or vegetable foods, whether you are cutting into cubes, obliques, slices, etc. So one single chef's knife or a complete kitchen knife set is extremely good gift choices.

Good kitchen knives can improve the efficiency of cooking preparation and save time, and it also makes the dishes more attractive, both in terms of face value and taste.

At the stage of cooking food, what gift should we choose?

When we prepare the ingredients, we need to cook. At this time, cooking tools will come in handy. What kind of tool is a good tool? It means that no matter what cooking method you use, there are suitable tools for you to use. Thus, we recommend buying complete kitchen utensils as a gift for chefs. Whether you are frying vegs, frying steak, cooking noodles, serving rice, or filtering water, you have the right tools.

At the stage of enjoying a meal, what gift should we choose?

After all the preparation and working, the delicious food is finally on the table. Next, it is time to enjoy food with family or friends. Imagine that your satisfaction and praise should be the chef's greatest comfort.

To make the mealtime full of more sense of ceremony, you can match some beautiful elements on the table, such as bouquets, table cloths, and some beautiful spoon sets. So you can choose a small element such as flatware set to enhance the sense of surprise when you eat. so that the chef can be more willing to cook for you.

5 thank you Gift idea for home Chefs

As we mentioned above, we select gifts according to the cooking process.
We picked the most versatile and frequently used kitchen gadgets for you, although it's the most frequently used, every gadget are full of surprise element to show your thoughtful for the recipient.

1. 67 Layers VG10 Damascus Steel Chef Knife-Letcase Classic Serials

The best thank you gift for chefs

For a chef, a good chef's knife is essential. If you want to know more factors to consider when choosing a kitchen knives, refer to our article: How to buy a good kitchen knife set?

This 8-inch chef knife with a unique colorful knife handle which stands for your good wishes for the recipient, you expect the recipient to live a colorful life, and he or she is unique for you in your life.

The best thank you gift for chefs

Except for the good meaning, let’s go back to the kitchen knife.

60 DAYS TO MAKE EACH KNIFE – This Professional Chef’s Knife is made of Damascus high-carbon stainless-steel, imported from features exceptional quality, sharpness, and edge flexibility. 67 layers of Damascus steel knife making technology ensures an HRC hardness rating of 62+, and the 8°-12° sharp edge is easy to control for a precision cut. while keeping edge a long time.

FLAWLESS CONSTRUCTION – This 8-inch  VG10 Japanese Chef Knife is a well-balanced kitchen knife. the weight between the knife blade and handle is distributed well .and here's a safeguard to protect your finger when you are cutting.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGN – The relationship between the Chef and their Knife is vital, From the Japanese Damascus steel to the stabilized wood Handles with triple jolts for an effective and lightweight knife. resulting in superb comfort, stunning control, and a phenomenally smooth cutting foundation.

THE MOST VERSATILE KITCHEN KNIFE – Cooking your most adored food using this decent kitchen chef’s knife. with it , you can cut meat and vegetables, characteristic item or chicken like through hot butter.

2. 67 Layers VG10 Damascus Steel Kiritsuke Knife

The best thank you gift for chefs

In terms of quality and performance, this kind of knife is the same with the last one. The difference is the color of knife handle.

There are 5 colors: blue, red, black, white, emerald. Each color has a good expectations for others.

The best thank you gift for chefs

Blue, sapphire blue represents "hope". In the legend, the prototype of the goddess of hope is a blue diamond, so the Sapphire blue like a gemstone becomes synonymous with "hope". Psychologically, it will give people a noble feeling. Bring hope to people you care.

Red, red represents passion. No matter when, keep passion for life and live better.

Black, black represents mystery. Maybe his/her existence is a mysterious existence to you. Give him a gift to make him willing to open up to you.

White, white represents purity , holiness and elegance. It means that the other person is someone you respect, and this color can be given to anyone.

Emerald, the last one is the most one I love. "Emerald symbolizes confidence, luck, and happiness. Owning it will bring people a lifetime of peace. I think this is the most suitable gift in 2020.

The best thank you gift for chefs


The best thank you gift for chefs

This kitchen utensils is also comes with emerald color, let’s see it’s features:

POPULAR EMERALD COLOR AND NORDIC STYLE. This cookware features Popular emerald gold color in Nordic style. It shows your elegant and positive attitude to life. The minimalist style set will match well with your kitchen. Use it with pleasure, leave it as a light luxury kitchen décor. it’s the time to show you are discerning.

REFUSE TO MESS IN THE KITCHEN. This kitchenware set Comes with a beautiful storage rack, help you organize cookware in tidy, Save your kitchen space. It’s easy to storage and take away. what’s more, it’s convenient to move it in the right place.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND HEALTHY. The kitchenware set is made from food-grade stainless steel which is healthy, high-temperature resistance, anti-rust, safe to food using, non-stick and easy to clean; 7 pieces cookware in 1 set, meet your different needs on cooking and suitable for a variety of occasions, such as home, restaurant, hotel and etc.

The best thank you gift for chefs


The best thank you gift for chefs

When people stay at home, they want to shoot some different scenes to share their life state. This set of exquisite tableware can help you shoot the scene better.

It’s the best combination with any your gourmet food, any scenes is a beautiful picture.

This tableware set features 304 stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant anti-oxidation, heavy solid and fits for daily use. coupled with delicate mirror polishing process, smooth and comfortable grip, it’s healthy and eco-friendly.


The best thank you gift for chefs

This kitchen flatware comes with gold color and a gift box, is extremely satisfied for self-use and perfect for a gift choice.

This tableware set includes: 6 steak knives, 6 dinning forks, 6 table spoons and 6 tea spoons which are made of food-grade premium stainless steel coupled with delicate mirror polishing process. It's anti- corrosion, anti-rust, antibacterial, and extremely durable.

After reading this article, hope you have some idea for a gift, we believe the recipient can feel your passion and expectation. Choose one gift for the people cook for you, action now.

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