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Are ceramic knives set any good?

If you got struggled with frequently sharpen your knife, if you are office worker, just want to do some simple family frying, then you can try ceramic knife. You may want to know are ceramic knives set any good? Ok. We’ll tackle this problem.

Are ceramic knives set any good? | Letcase Knives

At first, let’s figure out what’s the ceramic knives.

What are ceramic knives?

Ceramic knives are made of precision ceramics going through high-pressured process, this why they are called ceramic knives. As a modern high-tech product, ceramic knives have incomparable advantages over traditional metal knives; using high-tech nano-zirconia as raw materials, ceramic knives are also called "zirconium gem knives", which is evident in its elegance and luxury.

The production of a ceramic knife is a long journey. The zirconia powder has to be pressed in a mold under high pressure of several hundred tons and then fire the knife blank at a high temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius. After that, it is precision processed with more than a dozen procedures, it is finally born. The hardness is extremely high, second only to Diamonds, and then polished with diamonds and matched with a handle to make a finished ceramic knife.

Notably, ceramic blade is a new type of blade made with high-tech nanotechnology. It is ten times sharp than steel blade. Therefore, ceramic blade has the characteristics of high hardness, high density, high temperature resistance, anti-magnetization, and anti-oxidation. Next ,let’s see more features of ceramic knives sets.

What are the benefits of using a ceramic knife?

1. High sharpness

Because of the material and technology, ceramic knives have super hardness and wear resistance, the hardness can reach up to 90HRC (hardness unit), while the hardness of common stainless steel blades is between 50HRC-60HRC.

Except for efficiency and convenience, another advantage of a sharp blade is that it does not squeeze the ingredients, which is very useful when cutting oranges and onions. When cutting oranges, the juice will not flow everywhere. When cutting onions, the sharp blade will reduce the squeezing of the onions, you don't need to "cry" when you cut onions any more.

In addition, with sharp knife, you can cut foods in different shape you want, thus can bring variety to your dishes and improve your pleasure for cooking.

2. Healthy and eco-friendly

On one hand, the ceramic knife is made of biomedical materials and does not contain any heavy metal substances, so it will not rust and corrode like ironware.
In another hand, it has strong chemical stability and will not chemically react with food, so there is no need to worry Bacteria will be stored on the surface of the knife. The ceramic knife body is easy to clean. Just rinse it with water, and it is not easy to smell between the ingredients. The safety of the human body can be well grasped.

For example, we found that apples cut with ceramic knives will not oxidize and turn yellow after a while. Because of its stable performance, so you don't need to worry about reactions when cutting some acidic fruits. It is really healthy and environmentally friendly!

Especially for families with babies, ceramic knives are very suitable for making complementary foods and separating fruits for them.

3. High-efficiency

In addition to high sharpness, ceramic knives are also very practical in terms of performance. Normal stainless steel knives will become blunt after a long time use, but the material of ceramic knives makes it as long as new and never wears out, eliminating the trouble for frequnently sharpening.

4. Comfortable

The lightweight handle of the ceramic knife is ergonomically designed, which can make you feel less tired after cutting vegetables for a long time. It is also excellent in comfort and ease.

5. Anti-oxidation

Cut fruits with stainless steel knives will always cause oxidation, which not only destroys the deliciousness of the food but also destroys its nutrition, but the anti-oxidation technology of the ceramic knife can keep foods intact and ensure the nutrition of the food.

What are the drawbacks of using a ceramic knife?

1. Easy to fragile

The disadvantages of ceramic knives are as prominent as their advantages. The ceramic knife has high hardness, but the blade is relatively fragile and easy to break. Ceramic knives cannot be used to cut or chop hard ingredients. Patting garlic, cutting frozen meat, and cutting bones ,sometimes even cutting pineapples will damage ceramic knives Because ceramic knives are made of sintered zirconia which determines the hardness of the knife. This makes ceramic knives very fragile.

2. Poor compression resistance

You can't do vigorous movements such as swinging and slashing, which will easily cause damage to the blade surface. Although it has shortcomings, it can be used in cooperation with a chef knife to maximize their effectiveness.

Are ceramic knives set any good? | Letcase Knives

Frequently asked questions about ceramic knives

Q: Do ceramic knives rust?

A: Most ceramic knives are made of zirconium oxide, also known as zirconia. It won't rust, and it doesn't absorb smells.

Q: Can a ceramic knife be sharpened?

A: When it comes to ceramic knives, many people's reaction is: no need to sharpen the knife. Indeed, you'd better use a ceramic knife to cut “appropriate” food, because you need to use diamonds to sharpen the ceramic knife, and it takes a certain amount of time and effort to sharpen the ceramic knife.

Q: What should you not cut with a ceramic knife?

A:Ceramic knives has high hardness which means it’s easy to fragile when it hit hard don’t use ceramic knife to cut hard food materials such as meat with bone or fruits with hard part like pineapple, in addition Never turn the knife on its side to crush garlic cloves, spices, or other foods .

Q:Do ceramic knives dull?

A: If you use ceramic knife cutting “appropriate” materials I will say the edge will keep a longer theory, it’s less chance to get dull.

Q: Can you wash ceramic knives in the dishwasher?

A: Although ceramic is technically dishwasher-safe, we don’t recommend you put knife in dishwasher. if the knife hit hard things in dishwasher, it has high possibility to break.

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