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What’s the color wood handle? And what’s the benefit of it?

Here's a long history of using wood to make knife handles, its advantages are that it is convenient to get raw materials, easy to process, and comfortable to hold.

Common woods handle are oak wood, ash, colored wood, elm, birch, walnut autumn, ebony, pearwood, sand iron and etc. These woods can be used to make knife handles, but they are not the most ideal wood material. The ideal wood needs to be tough with beautiful texture and bright color, which requires some special woods.

What’s the color wood handle?

Color wood is this kind of special woods. Raw Color wood belongs to a small tropical genus, this tree only has three species-two are native to tropical America and one is from Namibia in southern Africa.

Color wood powder is molded into a high-density insulating board process. Put it simple, just stacking layers of thin wood together, then pressed and processed, it will appear very beautiful grain while retaining some of the characteristics of the wood. According to the description before, you could know the color and grain can be changed by the process. thus during the process, the craftsman should control the color difference and toughness level.

Here’s some pictures to show the color wood in different perspectives:

Final look of color wood :

What’s the color wood handle | Letcase Knives

Put it into microscope, you can see that it retains the original structure of wood, such as the wood holes and rays.

What’s the color wood handle | Letcase Knives

This is a cross section:

What’s the color wood handle? And what’s the benefit of it?

When you get some knowledge about color wood, you may want to know what’s the advantages of color knife handle?

What’s the benefit of it?

1. Environmentally friendly

As we mentioned above, color wood made from natural wood, it’s an environmentally friendly material which doesn’t contain harmful substances to the human body.

2. Good anti-corrosion and waterproof performance

In the color wood manufacturing process, after the stacking and pressing process, the material becomes anti-corrosive and waterproof.

3. Visually pleasing

Color wood can be designed with beautiful colors and shapes. The curved handle is more comfortable to hold than the round handle. In addition, the color wood can be seamlessly connected with the steel thus make the whole knife looks more fashionable and beautiful.

4. Relatively cheaper price

The price of color wood is between high-end wood and ordinary wood, but it has a quality comparable to high-end wood. So you can get a good contact experience at a lower price.

In conclusion, color wood handle is a good knife handle material.

Common color wooden handle knife:

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