Best high end kitchen knife - Letcase

Best high end kitchen knife

In terms of best high-end kitchen knife, we’re happy to introduce Letcase Damascus steel kitchen knife with vivid stabilized wood handle for you. I bought it few days before, it’s my pleasure to share my feeling about this knife.

First, let’s figure out what does the best high-end kitchen knife mean.

How to define best high-end kitchen knife?

The best high-end kitchen knife doesn’t mean the sharpest kitchen knife, even though sharp is an important factor about chef knife. even though someday your knife becomes blunt, you can send your favorite cooking knife to a top-notch professional sharpener and they will give you an edge sharper than most, except for sharpness, other characteristics of kitchen knife like the feel of the handle , the weight, the size, the appearance and the style of knife can’t change, so,” the best” is related to many factors, it’s a balance of sharpness, weight, size, look, style, price. see like this, best high-end kitchen knife depends on personalized demand,we’ll show what I think is a good knife.

Letcase Damascus chef knife review

1. Look and style of knife

About gift box:

After I opened Courier bag, a black gift box showed in my eye.

Best high end kitchen knife - Letcase Knives

You can see the “Letcase” logo on the box. I like the black color, it’s kind of high-tech feeling and mysterious feeling.

About the knife handle:

Then, I’m eager to open the cover of the box ,” Wow, i love this blue color!
“as you can from the picture, the knife handle is classy, and you will feel a little dazzling about the knife handle color. When you look at the color of the handle a little closer, it feels a bit like jade. The texture is really beautiful, which is hard to describe. I Can't help to touch it and take it in my hand for further details.

Best high end kitchen knife

You can see the detail, there are protective pads on the two corners, which is very user-friendly.

Best high end kitchen knife review

Notably, there’s an extra knife sheath for store knife which can avoid damage knife and cook users.

I’m cautious about the knife handle color, I want to know why it can be this kind of color, so, i asked the customer service representative of Letcase, finally, I got the answer. It is because the knife handle is stabilized wood handle.Stabilized wood is a kind of high-density wood. the process of stabilized is to use a vacuum to remove the water and the air the wood holds, and then fill the voids with resin and color paste, then dry it to show a unique texture and gorgeous color. The color depends on resin and color dyes, the grain relates to the natural growth of wood. So it’s almost impossible for you to find two exactly same handles.

In addition, you can see a golden rivets on handle which make handle more delicate.

Best high end kitchen knife review

Ok, after see details of knife handle, let’s move on to the knife blade.

About knife blade:

This Japanese chef knife is made by 67 layers Damascus steel, you can see the Damascus pattern on the blade, be careful to touch it, you can feel a little bumpy feeling. why? Because this knife is forged knives. the pattern was formed in the forged process. These small pits left by forging and inlaying are artificial traces. Artificially created artwork condense human wisdom and hard work, and you must praise human ingenuity.

Best high end kitchen knife

2. Details of knife

The following are the parameters of this knife:

Best high end kitchen knife review

Thickness: 2.5 mm

Product net weight: 172.3g  which make it less fatigue for long time use.

Best high end kitchen knife review

It’s the tip of knife which delivers its sharpness.

Best high end kitchen knife

Safe guard: a safe guard to protect your hands.

Best high end kitchen knife review

3. Functional performance

No kitchen gadgets is as versatile as a high-end knife. Get all your slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping done with these essential sets.

So whether a knife is good or not depends on its performance in cutting task. So, i use this knife cutting potato as an example.

Best high end kitchen knife review

Have you ever noticed such a phenomenon? When cutting a potato, the potato slices are rolled and curved. That is because the food is squeezed by the angle of the blade when cutting it.Potato slices cut out with a forged knifelike Letcase chef knife is much flatter, The smaller the angle is,  the flatter the potato slices.This kitchen knife has less resistance when cutting vegetables, and it can more fully guarantee the fiber structure of the original ingredients so that the food tastes better.

In general, Letcase Damascus kitchen knife is indeed a high-value and visually stunning kitchen knife. The weight and feel are great. Of course, Due to the knife handle uses the tree burls, some grain of the handles seems a little flaw.  But there are still many details worthy of praise: For example, the small pits left during forging and inlaying are artificial traces, which can be understood as incomplete beauty but it’s natural.

Finally, for the price of $99, different people have different opinions on the price. After all, many people's evaluation of expensive knives is not very good. this Japanese knife is affordable and offers good performance.

Put it in this simple way:

Price: ★★★★☆
Quality: ★★★★★

"The best" high-end kitchen knife is a balance of sharpness, weight, size, look, style, price. I hope this Damascus kitchen knife can help you find cooking pleasure.

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