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What is the best knife to use to cut raw meat?

Have you ever heard the phrase "Professional chef's kitchen is like a laboratory"? Yes, one single knife can’t do all cutting tasks. Although we don’t need to have a "knife library" like professional chefs, we need at least two kinds of kitchen knives at home, one for simple food processing with chef knife. One for cutting hard food like meat with bones like butcher knife. There is a dazzling array of products on the market, how should I choose the right butcher knife? Below are our recommend butcher's knives:

The best handmade butcher knives: Letcase hand forged cleaver knife (https://www.letcase.com/products/handmade-forged-cleaver-butcher-knives).
Best Traditional Butcher's Knife: Letcase hand forged butcher knives (https://www.letcase.com/products/hand-forged-cleaver-knife-meat-cleaver-knife).
Before you go shopping, here is something you need to know about:

What is the best knife to use to cut raw meat?

Do you really need a butcher knife to handle your daily kitchen task?

If you like to cook by yourself in your free time and like to hold parties, then you can choose a handmade butcher knives, which will make your table more glamourous and make the food more fresh and delicious, if you usually purchase ribs and meat slices in the supermarket, then there is no need to spend an extra money for it.

How to choose the best butcher’s knife?

Back to your own needs, why you need a butcher knife? You want to cut hard objects like ribs, right? So, the best butcher knife should be the one that can provide you with good user experience when you cutting ribs. Here are some factors we should consider:

1. Weight

Weight, which is also an important sign to distinguish between cleavers and choppers. Household cleavers are heavier. If the weight is too light, it is more difficult to chop the bone. At the same time, the spine of the cleaver is generally wider, so that the knife can cut more accurately.

2. Blade

At first, whether you choose a straight blade or a curved blade is your preference. It depends on your own need.

When it comes to blade materials, we all know that sharp blade is important for chopping, as is edge retention which can make you cut effortless. There are some common butcher knife blade materials such as carbon and high-carbon stainless steel, they are good materials. Of course, high carbon stainless steel is better for it’s longer time sharpness holding.

In addition, the harder the blade edge, the harder the object can be cut. For example, a household slicing knife has a small cutting edge and a thin knife which make it Can’t chop bones. The cleaver has a large cutting edge, a thick knife and a hard edge which make it can cut bone and pure iron.

3. Handle

The handle is another important factor you should consider, because it influences easy balance and perfect grip. It’s better to choose non-slippery handle which can make sure safety. here are kinds of knife handle, such as wood, plastic, rubber, even hollow handle.

4. Balance

Balance are related to blade, handle and design. A well- balanced knife can make you feel comfortable and effortless for chopping and provides more control over knife. We recommend full-tang design butcher knife which means the blade runs all the way through the handle. this made the butcher knife better balanced.

5. Size

Most butcher knives’ length range from 10-inch to 14-inch. The smaller sizes knife are benefit for smaller pieces of meat, like poultry or chops, while the larger are benefit for bigger hunks, like venison. If you are a knife beginner, we recommend smaller one for you which can make you have a good control for knife. If you have already used butcher knife for years ,you can try lager size knife.

#1 The best handmade butcher knives

This cleaver is made of high-carbon stainless steel, sharp enough for butchering.

The handle uses black colored wood, tough and low price.

This handmade butcher knife is sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei. Compared with kitchen knives made with mechanical ways, the service life of such knives is longer.

#2 Best Traditional Butcher's Knife

This hand forged cleaver is strong and sturdy.

It uses 5cr15mov blade material which contains high carbon content, this improves the hardness of the blade.in addition, the blade material contains chromium, molybdenum and vanadium which have good special properties for the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and toughness of the materials.

What is the best knife to use to cut raw meat?

The handle features ebony, coupled with mirror polished craft, good anti-slip performance. The front 3/4 is used for slicing and shredding, and the back 1/4 is used for chopping chicken and duck and etc.

What’s more, Ebony wood is hard, luster, and delicate which can provide great touch feeling.

In Conclusion:

We have introduced the top-quality handmade butcher knives which you can use for preparing meat at home or restaurants. And we shared the factors you should think before you purchasing a butcher knife. we hope you have mastered these knowledge to help you make decision.


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