How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - Letcase

How was Letcase kitchen knives set?

Tired of not having the right knives in the kitchen? It’s right time to find a right kitchen knife set. Letcase is a brand worth considering. See this article know more about "Letcase" brand: What’s the Letcase brand is?

A set of exquisite kitchen knives is an indispensable factor in home life. An easy-to-use kitchen knife will save time for cookers and slice beautiful foods to decorate plates.

Except for the chef knife, a complete set of knives also includes cleavers, paring knives, bread knives, boning knives, etc. Many knives also include scissors. Whether it is for cutting meat, chopping vegetables, and fruit, people often consider these factors: Blade material, Knife handle material,workmanship, hardness, appearance, price, etc.

Of course, the brand is also one of the elements that people need to refer to. Letcase is a young brand of Japanese knives, but it has a good reputation for customers.

So what about the knives of this brand? Let's take a look today!

What are the main product lines of Letcase?

Before you want to the quality of a brand’s product, you need to know what product the sell first.

Letcase focuses on the production of professional Japanese kitchen knives. Japanese kitchen knives are popular for their beautiful and detailed design, as well as the slice cuts they made. The blades are typically thin and delicate for thin, precise cuts and beautiful presentation. one of the most advantages of a thin blade is to enhance and preserve the nutrition of ingredients, and accentuate the flavor of the foods.

Let’s see the main product lines of Letcase:

1. Stainless steel (including high-carbon stainless steel) kitchen knife set

How was Letcase kitchen knives set?

This product line focuses on providing a complete kitchen knife set that includes many kinds of knife types. The set usually includes a chef knife, Santoku knife, 8-inch Chef Knife, 8-inch Kiritsuke knife, 8-inch Slicing knife,8 inch Bread knife, 7-inch Santoku knife, 7-inch Nakiri knife,6-inch Boning Knife, 5-inch Utility Knife, 5-inch Santoku knife, 3.5-inch Paring knife.

This product line's mission is to make you use specific knives for specific cutting tasks.

2. Damascus kitchen knife set

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - Damascus Steel Knives

This product line focus on the demand of high-end kitchen knives set. The quantity of knives is less than stainless steel serials, usually, it includes a chef knife, Santoku knife, boning knives, paring knives.

If you have enough budget and want to live a quality life, you can try this serial's knife.

3. Forged Meat Clevers

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - MEAT CLEAVER

When you just want to cut through a meaty chunk of goodness, the simple cleaver is enough. But, when you need to cut through animal flesh and bone, I bet you don’t want to use your delicate knives, because cut bones may damage your knife blade. which could become damaged or injure the chef in their use. That's why you need a meat cleaver.

The cleaver is a straightforward tool to cut a carcass into manageable sections before the more delicate work begins.

4. Steak knives

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - Steak Knives

In addition to the knives used for food preparation mentioned above, there is another type of knife that can enhance our dining experience, that is, the steak knife.

Imagine that you have spent a lot of time and effort preparing a romantic and warm dinner. Do you expect to have a good steak knife to easily cut the steak and chat with your friends happily? Here they offer the choice of a steak knife set.

5. Knife Accessories

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - Knife Accessories

Tired of the mess in the kitchen? I think you need some organizers to help you save space in the kitchen.

If you bought a professional kitchen knife set, we suggest you buy some knife accessories to store them, such as knife bags, knife blocks, or magnetic knife holders.

How was the quality of Letcase knives?

After we figure out what products Letcase brand sells, we have to figure out the quality of these kitchen knives. The following analysis is from the aspects of the material, craft,price, etc.

1. Blade material of Letcase

A good knife has high requirements for material. Letcase is committed to selecting top-notch steel to make the finished knife harder and sharper, at the same time, the level of its anti-rust and anti-corrosion has also been greatly improved.

Letcase mainly uses two kinds of steel: stainless steel and Damascus steel.

The hardness of stainless steel is 56 ±2, and the hardness of Damascus steek is 60 ±2.

Even HRC 56 is sharp enough, if the knife becomes dull after a long time of use, you can resharpen the knife to keep the knife sharp again.

The difference between the two is that the price is different. If you have enough budget, you can try a sharper Damascus knife, which will indeed bring a different experience to your cutting.

2. Handle Material

Letcase mainly has three kinds of handles: Pakkawood handles, G10 handle and stabilized wood handle.

The raw materials of Pakkawood handle are easy to obtain, so the price is relatively cheap. But its performance is excellent too.

The G10 handle is aerospace-grade material, which is very stable and relatively expensive.

stabilized wood handle adds colorful dyes to make the handle looks more colorful and personalized.

3. Craft of Letcase knives

All Damascus knives use vacuum heat treatment technology, which can keep the sharpness longer while ensuring the sharpness.

At the same time, they are all forged knives. The patterns on the blade are formed in the process of continuous forging and folding. The real Damascus pattern is natural, unique, and looks very attractive.

The full Tang design or the triple-rivet design increases the weight of the knife, making the knife feel more comfortable in the hand and easier to control.

4. Price

Without the influence of too many brand premiums, Letcase knives provide competitive prices under the same quality level.

In conclusion

The above is a brief introduction to the Letcase brand. In general, Letcase provides high-quality and professional Japanese knives at a cost-effective price. Therefore, if you have plans to purchase knives in the near future, the Letcase brand is indeed a choice worth considering.

Top seller of Letcase

If you decide to buy Letcase's knives but you don't know how to choose, you can see how most others choose.

According to different types of knives, we list the top 3 products for you to quickly find the products you want.

1. Top 3 of Stainless steel kitchen knife set

① 10 Pieces Professional Chef Knife Set, Price:$168 (56% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - best seller


10 Pieces 7CR17mov Professional Knife Set, Price:$168 (55% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 10pcs knife set

Professional Chef Knife Set With Carrying CasePrice:$89 (53% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 9pcs knife set

2. Top 3 of Damascus kitchen knife set

① 6 Pieces Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set, Price:$299 (52% OFF)

Top 3 of Damascus kitchen knife set - 6pcs
How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 5pcs knife set
③ 4-Piece Japanese Damascus Knife Set, Price:$259 (50% OFF)
How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 4pcs knife set

3. Top 3 of Forged Meat Cleavers

① Handmade Forged Cleaver Butcher Knives, Price:$69 (56% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - handmade cleaver knife

② Hand Forged Cleaver Knife Meat Cleaver Knife, Price:$79 (56% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - Meat cleavers

③ Hand Forged Cleaver Knives Chinese Meat Cleaver, Price:$299 (50% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 5pcs cleaver knife set

4. Top 3 of Steak Knives


Hand Forged Damascus Steak Knives Japanese AUS-10 Steel, Price:$258

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 6pcs steak knife

② Non Serrated Steak Knife Set, Price:$279

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 6pcs damascus steak knife

③ 6-Piece Steak Knives Set, Price:$87

How was Letcase kitchen knives set? - 6pcs steak knife set

5. Top 3 of Knife Accessories

① Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener 3 Stages, Price:$39.99 (33% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set - Top 3 of Knife Accessories

 Stainless Steel Knife Block Set, Price:$39.99 (54% OFF)

How was Letcase kitchen knives set - knife holder
③ Portable 22 Pocket Chef Knife Roll Bag, Price:$45.99 (34% OFF)


How was Letcase kitchen knives set - knife bags


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